Something no one considers about subscription models

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I see a lot of apps and services that were once one-time payments or free to consumers moving to a monthly subscription model. While I understand this makes sense for the sustainability of development what I don’t think people think about when they decide to go this route is that, even if the subscription is only $5/mo, that’s $60/yr. If you multiply that by several apps and service, you’re now easily wracking up hundreds of dollars a year in subscriptions.

Yes YOUR app may only be $5/mo, but if all of my other useful apps are also, then it’s way too much and alternatives will be sought. 10 apps x 5/mo = $50/mo = $600/yr. I don’t have that kind of money so I may even skip your single $5/mo subscription because otherwise it’s just a slippery slope to too many subscriptions and I’ll need to cancel all of them in the long run anyway so why start.

While I like to support developers and will happily pay a few dollars for an app and would happily pay a few dollars annually, a few dollars monthly is too much for some like me on a fixed income. While the free alternatives are not ideal, they afford me the opportunity to participate in the technologies without having to into hock to do it. I do have a couple of subscription apps and they are less than $20/yr. A very affordable offering.

Next time you’re thinking about your “tiny” monthly subscription cost, take into account all of the others who are doing the same and all of the others who can’t pay for all of those “tiny” subscriptions all together.


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