8 loads of laundry and a bag full for donation

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I caught up on a backlog of laundry today and also went through Mac’s wardrobe and bagged up all the things he no longer fits into and organized his clothes. Daddy went to the store to pick up some wardrobe items for him to tide us over until we can do a major thrift trip. In addition to some pants and shirts, Mac now has a new jacket because none of his other jackets fit him now. He’s tall but he has a long torso so his inseam is shorter than average while his overall height is above average so finding pants that will fit his waist and length together is very difficult to impossible so I prefer to find pants that have the elastic around the ankle area so that I don’t have to worry about them being too long and him tripping over them.

I feel pretty accomplished having caught up on the 8 loads of washing, folding, and putting away. Why is laundry so hard to keep up with?

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