New Friend In Class and Adding Insult to Injury

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They added a new little friend to Mac’s class. Unfortunately with the current regulations regarding dropoff and pickup I am going to be unable to get to know the parents or child as I was able to do with the other little boy in his class but hopefully it won’t turn out to be a third-wheel sort of situation as Mac and J have had the past year to build up rapport and this new little boy is coming into an existing comfort zone that the two of them have already carved out. When I picked Mac up yesterday his SLP expressed that Mac took a leadership role in the class during session prompting the schedule-checking and other routines so perhaps Mac decided to demonstrate to the new boy how things work.

Mac has seemed to be doing really well since the new “school year” started and has been demonstrating more skills in class. This doesn’t translate to home but at least he’s doing well in session. I think when he’s home he’s “off work” so he doesn’t do any of the cool things he does in class for us at home. I just keep hoping though it’s hard to maintain hope when it all just seems so hopeless some days and you’ve been hoping for years already.

Insult was added to injury last night when my husband’s grandmother basically chose the side of his mother’s and his attempted murderer over her daughter & grandson. She’s quite a crappy human being and has demonstrated her complete disconnect from reality on many occasions. She’s actually part of the reason my husband’s cousin is the way she is so this really doesn’t surprise me. I’m glad that my husband has finally blocked her and will not communicate with her further at this time. He’s already had to watch his mother get shot in front of him and got shot himself and now this woman just wants to rub salt in the still-fresh emotional wounds by basically making it his fault his mother and he were shot by his cousin. What kind of person does that? A person who’s just as batshit crazy as the person who shot them. Just another screwed up thing happening to my husband that I am powerless to make better on any level.

I know I just posted about how my husband was enjoying going back to DnD and that was short lived because the friend who DM’s continues to allow his wife’s friends to taint the group. My husband still really wants to play, but just not with that group anymore. I think he’s going to search for a group that meets online for now. After we get through the pandemic and things are hopefully a little less dangerous next year then he will probably search for a local group to meet in person.

My social life is going to be non-existent for quite a while, I’m afraid. At least I have my husband so I’m not completely alone all the time. It’s a good thing we not only love each other, but genuinely like each other as well and enjoy spending time and doing things together.


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